Sunday, 13 April 2014

Barbie Hen Do - Survival Bags


So I have been super busy at the minute because one of my best friends are getting married and she asked me to be Maid of Honour! Which I am completely chuffed about! This means that I am in charge of making sure the Hen do is totally and utterly AMAZING!

We are going to Benidorm for 4 days one of the hen and stag capitals! She decided she wanted it to be Barbie themed! So very pink and for one of the nights everyone dresses as a type of Barbie. I have decided I am going to be police woman Barbie. I thought this would fit rather well considering I will have a whistle and need to organise 22 chicks! Deary me!

The first thing I have created are Alice's Hen Do bags....I took this from the survival kit ideas that are floating around. I had to make 22 so this took quite a while.

The Bag's for Alice's Hen Do 

I got some plain pink paper bags from Ebay. I made a name label for each bag and tided it on with ribbon. I also made some Barbie stickers for the front.On to the contents of the bags. I chose some items to go into the bags and then attached tags to each item saying something about this item. In the bags there were:
  • Barbie Toothbrush - 'For your death breath the morning after'
  • Pre Packed Pink Shot - 'You know what to do with this'
  • Willy Straw- 'To help you drink like a lady'
  • Grips - 'Get a grip'
  • Wine - ' To get you started'
  • Glass - ' Keep this topped up'
  • Hair Bobble - ' So nobody has to hold your hair back' 
  • Candy Love Hearts - 'To spread the love' 
  • Candy Necklace - 'Something a little sweet' 
  • Dare Card - 'I dare you'
  • Plasters - 'For those party feet'
  • Paracetamol - ' For your headache'
Here's a photo of the bags themselves
The finished bag

Hope you like them

~Katie x